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Wintertime Children’s Music Classes!

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                JAM’s are the heart of the community ~                            Mark your calendars so you don’t miss one!                   Each month we host Bluegrass, Old-time,                                 Cowboy, Ukulele Club, Celtic even                           Swedish Slow Sessions! 

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MMP – Teacher Spotlight  Corinne Mattos  Corinne Mattos 

Corinne has been playing piano for 20 years and has been teaching for over 10. Originally from California, she studied classical piano with Rudolf Budginas and bebop with Charlie Shoemake. In 2012 she moved to Nevada, studying jazz and improvised music at the University of Nevada, Reno. Corinne currently plays a mix of jazz, rock, soul and R&B influenced music in the Reno

Mountain Music Parlor is excited to have this very talented young lady lead and nurture our new students!

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Mondays ~   2 to 7:00

Tuesday  ~   Friday  11 to 7:00

Saturdays ~  11 to 6:00,  

Sunday ~ Closed 


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Mountain Music Parlor is Reno’s Traditional music learning house, dedicated to sharing, inspiring and preserving America’s great musical history and culture, Bluegrass, Old Time Music, Cowboy and others.