Mountain Music Parlor

is literally ERUPTING IN 2017!

NEW Happenings, Concerts, Jams and

Community Events abound ! 

Bringing you MORE Classes, MORE Concerts, Events and JAMS throughout 2017.  Be looking for more fun and different Workshops, Festival participation, Community Outreach and  Childrens’ Programs.

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We’re elated to present musical genius ~

JOE CRAVEN & The Sometimers !

April 8, 7pm  

PLUS Joe is giving a special Workshop called, Play Well with Others!  Seating is limited so get tickets now!

Click here for tickets to see Joe!

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To our last two fantastic bands – WEST MY FRIEND and The Railsplitters! These kids are out there DOING IT RIGHT !

and Congratulations to those 50 lucky attendees who got the coveted 50 seats!  We thank you for supporting and appreciating live music.  The experience is priceless, the rewards rippling out in every direction.

Our private listening room now has a name  – – – – – – – –

  *** Heritage Hall ***

We’re proud to share all this great time-worn music in our very own private listening room we lovingly call Heritage Hall. Here you’ll be engaged, inspired and enlightened by top quality artists, workshops and events, all while helping preserve, nurture and pass along America’s great musical heritage.

See who was just here ~

The Railsplitters

West My Friend

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We’ve got HEART !

JAMs are the heart of the community ~ Mark your calendars so you don’t miss one!  We offer Bluegrass, Old-time and Cowboy and Ukulele JAMS

Check out our JAMS !

Click Here !

*** WHAT ELSE ? ***

Follow the Flea to the Folk Shoppe, and you’ll see!

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MMP – Teacher Spotlight          

Laura Barrett is a beast on the Hammered Dulcimer ~~ Catch her if you can!  She has been teaching music for over 40 years and it’s apparent there’s no stopping her.  We’re lucky to have Laura on occasional Fridays for private and group lessons. So don’t miss the chance to learn some of the amazing ancient instruments from her.

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Tuesday ~ Friday  11 to 6:00

Saturdays 11 to 5:00,   Sunday, Monday ~ Closed 


Email Sign up HERE to receive UPDATES on Classes, Workshops and Events!


Our phone number is 775/843-5500

Give us a call !  

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Mountain Music Parlor is Reno’s Traditional music learning house, dedicated to sharing, inspiring and preserving America’s great musical history and culture, Bluegrass, Old Time Music, Cowboy and others.