Make life sweeter with JAM!

Porch JamCome JAM!  

JAMS = The experience of making music with other humans to maximize your enjoyment on this earth!  Truly does!  Make new friends, reconnect some neurons.  It’s GOOD and GOOD for you!

 Bonified chickn’ pickin’ guaranteed !

Here’s some details:

Bluegrass JAM

GREAT PICKIN’….don’t guarantee you’ll get home on time!  BYOB 

2nd Sunday at  3:00 pm

Real Hillbillies!

Bring the family and the critters ~

$ Drop in a few to the kitty, helps keep the lights on!


Announcing our new Swedish Session!

 Ya, you read that right!  

Every 3rd Monday of the month,  6pm


 Celtic Slow Session 

2nd Thursday every month

 6:00 to 8:00

This is a Celtic Slow Session, meaning you’ll be learning slowly all the popular tunes till you know them!  Celtic style includes Irish, Scottish, Breton, Galician and French Canadian. So come on and feel at ease. All ages and Celtic instruments welcome.                          Drop in donation always appreciated            ………     ………     ………                     

 Old Time JAM

2nd Wednesday of every month

  6:00 pm

Ryan Sharrar, moving up the ranks here, is our new Old-time JAM leader. He’s the “real deal” clawhammer banjo player from Virginia who knows his stuff ….lucky for us!  He welcomes all new Jammers to come check it out!

$ Drop donation, BYOB

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Cowboy Song & Lore Meetn’

4th Wednesday of every month

  6:00 pm

Next one > JANUARY 24 

Hosted by Mr. Tex Weir. We’re deeply honored to have Tex at the reins here at MMP. A true blue living legend from Texas with a 200 year frontier family history! His songs and stories of the cowboys and days gone by are unlike anything you’ve ever heard, or ever will again.  Yup, this is the real deal. Truly an amazing experience you should not miss.

 Bring your axe and a recorder for sure! 

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All these JAMS are brought together just for you.

To expand the beloved music of our country’s origin, to nurture your musical spirit and to help keep the flame lit

— cuz ya can’t burn ashes!

Bring along a friend or two, or even a little something to share. It’s a friendly atmosphere and all are welcome!
$ Drop in donation  


NEW !!  Aloha Ukulele Club

 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month. 6:00pm

We’re having FUN ! Join us for strumming and singing away to your favorite tunes. Aloha Ukulele Club is for ALL ages.  Need to know some basic chords as this isn’t a beginner lesson, but you’ll catch on quick!  We’ll be playing songs from Don Ho to the Beatles, to Bruno Mars!

$ Donation Drop in – Includes the evenings Song sheets

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Men’s Barber Shop Choir

 Signups being taken now !  Give us a call to reserve your spot!


Call 775/843-5500

Kids Firefly Fiddlers Gang

Annual Fiddler’s Contest

Kids Little Wranglers Club

Cowboy Poetry Competition