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Taking music lessons at Mountain Music Parlor is one of the best things you can do for yourself ! It’s proven! MMP students excel in their musical journey faster and happier because of our strong musical community.

     A family atmosphere that engages you in group classes, JAMs and events!  

     It’s a satisfying experience you can’t get anywhere else!                Become an MMP Student today!  

Group Classes 4 weeks:                                                                     11/2 to 2 hrs, range from $100.00 to $125.oo

Private lessons:     4 – 1 hour $168.00                                  4 – 1/2 hour $99.00

Workshops:  2 or 3 hr   – prices vary

Call for more information and we’ll fit you with the perfect teacher!    775/843-5500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Workshop  – Intro to Mandolin

Aug, 19,  Saturday, 11:00 to 1:00                                       Scotty Cozen Mandolin teacher

Tuition $50.00

Scotty Cozen, loves his mandolin and will introduce you to the world of mandolin playing from its’ historic roots to samples of the different genres it’s played in. You’ll be hands on as you learn your way around the fingerboard with basic patterns and beginning exercises.

Perfect class for those wanting to start off with a solid understanding. Must have your own mandolin.                                                                                                If you need one, check out what ‘s available in our Folk Music Shoppe.

Call to sign up 775/843-5500


Workshop –  LEAD VOCALS &  HARMONIES              July 8   11:00 to 2:00                                                                          Tuition $50.00

With Rick Sparks

A Vocal class learning how to improve your melody singing and harmony parts.  Also discover the perfect Key for your voice.  Harmony stacking can be tricky….learn the tricks!  Rick is the master!Rick Sparks  

 Preregistration appreciated! 

  Call Rick to sign up 775-233-0122

Workshop ~ Hands On Hammered Dulcimer

Watch for our next group class!  Private lessons are always available ! 

Tuition – $50.00

With Laura Barrett 

Lessons with Laura.  What is that thing? Heard someone playing it at a fair and new you absolutely had to have one? Got one under your bed collecting dust? Don’t know where to start and perhaps want to try one out before you commit? 
Laura Barrett will teach you the mysteries of this ancient instrument. Try this fun class and learn what it’s all about!                                                                    Call to sign up 775/843-5500


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Group Class ~ Celtic Tunes & Techniques  

Watch for our next class ! 4 weeks – 5:30 to 7:30                Tuition – $125.oo

With Holly Sternberg

Holly, NEVADA STATE CHAMPION 2017 and coveted Celtic fiddler in the region, Holly will bring you into that special feel and pulse of Celtic music. It’s her passion! And with her indepth guidance, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying one of the planets most favored musical journeys ~ fiddling!!   You’ll be hooked!

Level- Confident Beginner fiddler and above.

Call to sign up 775/843-5500

Holly Sternberg

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 Workshop ~ Ukulele                                                         One of the BEST Uke Classes in Reno! 

2nd Saturdays every month     11 to 1:00                                             Lex White Guitar and Ukulele Lex White an accomplished traditional player will guide you into the world of Ukulele magic! well,,,ukulele music making the authentic way!                                       This is an ongoing monthly group lesson geared for the Confident Beginner to seasoned Intermediate.

Tuition – $25.00  Includes music materials

Requirements – Must have familiarity with your Uke and know the basic chords.                                        Advance sign up and payment  required.

Sign up now!   Call 775/843-5500 

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Appalachian Clogging – Beginner/Intermediate

GROUP CLASS –  AUG…TBA  , 4 weeks,   5:30 to 7:30 (2 hours)

Taught by Robbin Palmer.  Great for all ages, men and women!  Robbin taught this fun class last year and it’s back by popular demand!  This 2 hour Workshop is for those who just want to try it,,,get your feet wet, and see if it’s for you. A very active class, please be in good physical condition to take it.

Call 843-5500 to register

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Workshop – Mountain Dulcimer, Beginning

Watch for our next one! , 9:30 – 11:30                                                                Tuition $ 50


Workshop – Introduction to the Art of Classical Guitar

Date – TBA   Tuition- $50.00

Troy Casa, will introduce you the wonderful world of Classical guitar. Students will learn the anatomy of the Classical guitar, positioning of your body, chording, scales, classical strums, and finger techniques.

Patience, comfort and long-term health are your                                                                      goals when learning this beautiful instrument                                                                            whose technique is very different from either steel        string acoustic or electric guitar.

Sign up now for your seat at 775/843-5500



 Starting SOON ~  Firefly Fiddlers  ~

A Children’s Fiddle Choir for ages 6 to 12.

We’re in need of fractional and full size violins, banjos, guitars and mandolins for our students.  Run across one in your closet or attic,,,,we’ll gladly accept it.

Our Kids Music programs will grow because of you !

 Contact us or for more information 775/843-5500