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Music lessons AT ANY AGE is one of the best things you can do for yourself ! It’s proven! 

 MMP students excel in their musical journey faster and happier because of our strong musical community!

                           We offer a variety of instruction and classes                         including but not limited too:

Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Accordion, Harmonica, Bluegrass Harmony, Beginning Voice, Bluegrass Ensemble, Blues Ensemble, Folk Dance, UkuleleBeginning Jam Session, Songwriting, Appalachian Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion, Improvisation and more!

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Private lessons:   Adult  4 – 1 hour:     $175.00                                           4 – 1/2 hour:   $135.00

    Kids from 13 to 20 yrs  4 – 1 hour:  $160.00                                                                  4 – 1/2 hr:   $120.00

   Younger Kids 6 to 12     4 – 1/2 hr:  $99.00

Ukulele    4 -1 hour lessons,   $ 140.00 (35.00 per hour)                               4 – 1/2 hr lessons,   $  99.00  (24.75. per 1/2 hr)

Workshops:  2 or 3 hr  – prices vary

Group Classes 4 weeks:  1 1/2  to 2 hrs.                                Range in price from $60 to 125.00

Call for more information!  775/843-5500  



Fingerstyle Ukulele

Starts Sat., January, 13  – 4 weeks                                            11:00 to 12:30                                                           Tuition – $99.00Lex White 

Take your Ukulele playing to the next level.
Lex  will teach you how simple chord patterns you know can transform into fully-fledged fingerstyle solos with all kinds of rolls and  embellishments!  From Hawaiian classics to Mainland Folk Favorites, there’s a little something for everyone in this 4-week series of 90-minute classes.
Prerequisite- Students must know basic chords and have a couple songs under their belt to benefit fully from this amazing course.

Preregistration  ~ Call 843-5500 TODAY!

Beginning Ukulele Group Class                                               Starts  Sat., Feb. 10 – 4 weeks                                         11:00 -12:30     $ 99.00                                                                                         Geared for 16 year olds and up, you’ll learn the solid basics of Ukulele playing.  From common chords, basic strum patterns and how to pull it all together!

Preregistration is required.  3 student minimum for the class to start, so don’t hesitate~ Sign up today!

Intermediate Ukulele                                                           Starts Sat. Feb. 3 – 4 weeks                                                     1:00 to 2:30   $120.00                                                             Strong beginners to Intermediate players will enjoy this course in exploring the Ukulele Fingerboard, honing in on finding the meat in a song and making it pop!  And keep popping!

Preregistration required, 3 student minimum                                    Call for your seat 843-5500   

Acoustic Guitar Group Class                                             Starts Thurs. Feb. 1 – 4 weeks                                                  6:30  to 8:00     $125.00                                                                      Strong Beginners to Intermediate players will be getting down to the knitty gritty with movable chords, progressions and hearing licks.  Lex has been playing his whole life and want’s to help you progress in style!                                                                                                

Sign up required    Call 843-5500                                                                                                                                                                //     ///     ///     ///        

Young persons ABSOLUTE BEGINNING GUITAR with Troy Casa

Offered Saturdays. Feb. 10, March 10 & April 14  10:00 – 11:00      $15.00 per class   8 to 14 year olds                                                                    Join Troy in this great beginning class to start playing right! Learn about chords, Fingering and strumming.  Troy will give you a skill set for practice each month so that your understanding will be solid!        Sign up ! Call 843-5500                                                                        ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~   

Bodhran Group Class – Beginning

Mondays starting March 5,                                                                              4 weeks, 5:30pm              Tuition:  $125.00

Dayleen Goclon is teaching you how to start off and STAY on the beat!  Not as easy as you think!  One of the regions BEST Bodhan players (and Irish clogger!), Dayleen plays the Bodhran like a champ, and takes it quite seriously… you’ll see!                                Join in the Celtic heritage charm as Dayleen gives you direction towards great Irish rhythm!

Registration required    call 843-5500

    <>    *    <>    *   Winter time KIDS KAMPs ! 

See our KIDS KAMP page for ALL the details ! 

Adventures with Music!                                                  New classes start in April….Stay tuned!                                       3 to 5 yr olds    9:30am,  45 mins                                              5 1/2 to 8 yr olds  10:45,  1 hour       

All kids love to be together and play!                             Taking that “play” to an exciting new level of learning music is an adventure that can last a life time! See more on our KIDS KAMP PAGE!

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Appalachian Clogging – Beginner/Intermediate

GROUP CLASS –  TBA  , 4 weeks,   5:30 to 7:30 (2 hours)

Taught by Robbin Palmer.  Great for all ages, men and women!  Robbin taught this fun class last year and it’s back by popular demand!  This 2 hour Workshop is for those who just want to try it,,,get your feet wet, and see if it’s for you. A very active class, please be in good physical condition to take it.

Call 843-5500 to register

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Workshop – Mountain Dulcimer, Beginning

Watch for our next one! , 9:30 – 11:30                                                                Tuition $ 50



Sign up now for your seat at 775/843-5500



 Starting SOON ~  Firefly Fiddlers  ~

A Children’s Fiddle Choir for ages 6 to 12.

We’re in need of fractional and full size violins, banjos, guitars and mandolins for our students.  Run across one in your closet or attic,,,,we’ll gladly accept it.

Our Kids Music programs will grow because of you !

 Contact us or for more information 775/843-5500