Lex White

Lex, our newest addition to the MMP family, is indeed a fine player and local entertainer!  He plays Bluegrass like he was born with it in his blood…well he pretty much was. He was born in Grass Valley California, one of the centers of West coast Bluegrass, to a family steeped in American traditional music. Brought to every Jam and festival possible by his guitar playing father, Lex took studying his music seriously. As a teenager he studied Flamenco and Classical guitar before returning to his roots in Blues, Folk and Bluegrass. He expanded his musical horizons by studying banjo, mandolin. And while living in Hawaii for two years he dove into the Ukulele with both feet studying with local masters there.

Lex has traveled throughout the West and Hawaii studying, teaching and performing American traditional music on a variety of instruments. His work now is focusing on sharing and promoting the great heritage music he loves with students and audiences in Reno and throughout the world!

This young man is so talented and you’ll certainly enjoy learning from him.

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