Robbin Palmer

Robbin Palmer learned to clog on the fringe of Appalachia in Cincinnati, Ohio over 30
years ago. Clogging is a truly American dance style, drawing from Irish traditional
dance, English country dance, and folk dancing of several other cultures. Some clogging
steps even incorporate American Indian ‘pow-wow’ movements. Clogging is not “tap”
dance. Traditionally, clogging emphasizes the sound and rhythm of leather-soled shoes
on a wooden floor.
Teaching clogging and sharing in the fun of this unique dance style is/was on Robbin’s
bucket list. Thus far, she has taught one class of three students at MMP.
Does fiddle, old-timey, and bluegrass music make your feet move?
                  Learn to clog!
     Sign up for Robbin’s class 775/843-5500