Memories of Good (fabulous)Times !

Nov. 2017 ~ John Kirk & Trish Miller 

Nov. 2017 ~ Ten Dollar Pony 

Nov. 2017 ~ Dani Joy 

Oct. 2017 ~ Muriel Anderson

Oct. 2017  Twa Lost Geordies

Oct. 2017   Frog & Toad

Sept 2017    Jamey Bellizzi


Sept 2017    Krista Jenkins 

August 2017 The Mae Trio The Mae Trio These three young ladies  are spectacular!  So Thankful they fit us into their very very busy American Tour!   Check them out if you can!

July 2017 >>>

Rain City Ramblers concert

These boys were FABULOUS !!  Clean, tight harmonies and very very fresh sounding!  Like a virginal Bill Monroe….if there ever was such a thing! 

April 2017 >>> Joe Craven & The Sometimers

Talk about OVER THE TOP FANTASTIC !! Both the Concert and Joe’s Workshop delivered MORE than anyone on this planet could handle! It’ll take YEARS to recuperate from all the wonderfulness! SEE THEM any chance you get!

March 2017   >>> The Railsplitters

 Fabulous young band who are busting the charts! We’re looking forward to their return.   See them if you can!

February 2017  >>>   WEST MY FRIEND

“From the opening strains of the first number they performed, my head turned and I stopped what I was doing to acknowledge what I was hearing. It was ethereal, clean, and melodic…such a cool vibe and a pleasing sound. Topics ranged from birds to monsters; from lovers to hope…and everything in between.

I can’t adequately describe the experience….it was more of a feeling. These four young musicians create a movie in the mind of the listener, and I never wanted the reel to end. … they deliver it all, and it is a lesson in how little is needed when it’s done right.”

Annie Pinkerton

December 2016 >>>     Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen


Violin virtuoso and mega Songwriting/ guitar slinger Dan Frechette performed a myriad of styles and genres for us, complete with impersonations!  Fantastic!



Oct.2016 >>>     Carlo Aonzo Trio

Touring the US, Carlo Aonzo Trio – World Class !  After an amazing Workshop, the Concert left us all spellbound.  Carlo plays his mandolin with more expression and finesse than anyone on the planet.  Lorenzo is a monster guitar player and Luciano on his bass is over the top!  

Anxiously waiting for their return!


Opening Act

The Reno Swing Set ~ Reno’s own Super Stars of Fine Jazz and Swing !


September 2016 >>>

Carlos Nakai

The University of Nevada Reno graced us with a VERY SPECIAL appearance of Carlos Nakai and his band.  They were amazing.  what a treat ….Thank you UNR !


July 2016 >>>                                 Andrew Sullivan

Fresh young Texan who will go far!  His music makes your heart think — ! You’ll definitely be seeing more and more of Andrew!  


March 2016 >>>        GARY ALLEGRETTO

Best time in the world with the famous Harmonicowboy! Disney and other big production companies use this man’s music ! And we got to have him at MMP !

Keith Little and Blaine Sprouse

June 5, 2016 >>>

How do you stop a heart from beating out of its chest ! Keith Little and Blaine Sprouse ~ Living legends of Bluegrass at MMP !  WOW ! Think we’re gonna POP!! Thank you men for the fabulous Masterclass and Concert ~~~ Reno LOVES YOU! Can’t wait to have you back!

Keith & Blaine Workshop

August 2016 >>>

Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley gave a fantastic Workshop.

Still can’t believe Rob was here! WOW!


March 26, 2016 >>>

Fortunate Strangers

Fortunate Strangers

Celtic sensations, Fortunate Strangers rocked the house! A perfectly perfect evening!  MMP attendees were indeed the fortunate ones!

2015  Was an amazing first year! 

The Novelists

Reno’s own up and coming superstars!


Southwestern Pilgrimage with Randy Brooks


Beppe Gambetta  !!!


Steve Kaufman